GMO labeling law on Ballot in CA

While the FDA maintains that GMO ingredients are no more harmful than other ingredients CA residents have amassed enough signatures to get the ‘labeling’ law on their Nov. ballot […]

Euro Collapse Imminent

With Greece wanting out of the EC and further economic woes hitting all the ‘PIGGS’, some are reporting that the Euro has collapsed, at least unofficially. […]

Arsenic in Organic Brown Rice Syrup

That aresenic is being seen in potentially higher concentrations in brown rice syrup does not surprise me in the least. Rice in general is know to contain arsenic in very low concentrations […]

Junk Food still in Schools

Nearly half of elementary school children can buy junk food at school, a trend that contributes to the childhood obesity epidemic […]

Organic Growers Attack Monsanto

a hearing on GMO’s was held in United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. On the evening news you often times see convicted former Wall Street financiers walking out of the doors of this courthouse in New York City. This court is the setting for a major legal battle which will impact all grain farmers in the United States. […]

Santorum off base on Health Care

Rick Santorum found himself Wednesday defending a profit-driven health care system to a woman who said her son requires expensive medication to stay alive […]

Ladies, Heart Problems Are Just as Common for You as Men!

I hope that you ladies are aware that Heart Problems are just as common among Women as Men! The warning signs are virtually the same as for men and birth control pills can lead to heart/blood pressure issues as well.


If you think you have a family history and/or lifestyle that might indicate heart […]

Sugar is Like Poison to your Body

My advice is to just stop consuming anything that looks like sugar…try natural, uncooked/unfiltered honey or Coconut Palm Sugar…these should work as well and have some health benefits to boot! […]

Who will grow food for our kids?

The question is who will grow our food for the next generations? With factory farms creating high barriers to entry, will our family farms just completely die? It is more and more difficult for young people to enter the agricultural arena! Watch and Pass It On: Who Will Grow Food for Future Generations? September 2nd, […]

New FEMA Commercial…anyone paying attention?

This new FEMA commercial is great and alarming. On the one hand it is urging you to be prepared and on the other you have to wonder why it is coming out now…


Is there something coming that ‘they’ don’t want to tell you about? ‘They’ just want to urge you to be prepared, […]