More on Fukushima…

Arnie Gundersen is perhaps the ‘lone voice’ in the wilderness that is Main Stream Media! The chart in the link I am providing here shows the release of radioactive elements from various nuclear events. Fukushima is the worst on record and yet the least reported, at least in my opinion. This is a world changing […]

Being Prepared for Disasters!

In the past I have had people write to me and tell me that I am a ‘fear monger’, using fear to sell products. I would think that Hurricane Sandy would put those statements to rest! Just think where those people are that had some supplies stored up, propane camp stove and a gravity fed […]

Gas prices set record in California, why?

As oil prices decline the price of gas in California continues to set new highs, record highs! You would be wise to ask why.


The reason for this is the ‘outages’ in several refineries in the state. One outage was a power failure that caused the Exxon refinery in Torrence to shut down. With […]

Hurricane Issac

Isaac hit hurricane strength today and is unfortunately headed for Louisiana, or so it seems. I think that if I lived in New Orleans I would be headed for higher ground. After Katrina everyone should know that flooding is a high possibility.


The Army Corp of Engineers continues to be in control of the […]

Billionaire Money Manager Bets Big on Gold

Billionaire John Paulson has bet big on Gold, raising his firms investment in the metal to 44%. He has been big on gold since 2009 but his luck has not been so hot for the past 2 years with record losses.


He is betting that gold will remain a great hedge against currency debasement, […]

Drought News Still Dismal

There has been much reporting on the effects of the current drought on crops, particularly corn and soybeans, and the news isn’t getting any better!


The new estimates coming out are even worse than anticipated and the prices continue to rise. Get ready folks this is going to be a record year for higher […]

Crisis of Confidence for the Euro

As the can tumbles down the road, we are now hearing that the Euro is showing signs of some deeper issues developing. At first the Euros flowed from the troubled nations to the core now the capital flows are outward, from the Euro to outside currency havens.


The Euro has lost 8% against the […]

Euro Problems not Over

Since my last posting on this subject,not a whole lot has changed. Well, except the fact that this situation is getting worse, as we all knew it would, and the markets are noticing.


The stock markets have fallen in 3 of the last 4 days and most of the MSM is placing the blame […]

Food Shortages Coming?

After the stormy weather several weeks ago we should all be aware that food shortages can happen even when there is food in a state near you. Without electricity grocery stores can’t offer many types of food for very long and then, well no more food until the juice comes back.


Now with a […]

Economic Disaster coninues to unfold in Europe

As the financial disaster in Europe continues, the German Chancellor Merkel tells Spain to think again on a bond issue backed by the European Community. Spain’s borrowing costs have sky rocketed and are close to 7%. To put that in perspective that is a historical high! For a sovereign country to pay more than a […]