Billionaire predicts technology will create social unrest

The billionaire in charge of a luxury brand company has predicted that technological advances will erode the middle class an cause increasing unemployment and social unrest. All I can say is I think this is a historical perspective as this is already happening. The top .1% reap the benefits, while the rest of us get […]

Robots, change coming?

If robots begin to do menial tasks, expect unemployment to soar. Click here to read more.

At the precipice of disaster

I haven’t been posting too much over the past several months as things in our country continue to deteriorate at the usual pace, fast and un challenged!


The economy is fragile and the ‘medicine’ that Ben Bernanke is giving the ‘system’ will soon become the poison–it is inevitable. This is not just me spouting […]

Still no JOBS!

AS helicopter Ben Bernanke testifies before Congress, we see yet again that all the quantative easing that the Fed has done has yet to ‘jump start’ the economy. At best and this is a huge supposition, the economy isn’t in total shambles.


On the human end of things, most people that are still without […]

It’s Official, Stockton CA files for Chapter 9 Bankruptcy

Stockton, California, said it will file for bankruptcy after talks with bondholders and labor unions failed, making the agricultural center the biggest U.S. city to seek court protection from creditors […]

Greece…No one is convinced

Just a day after Greece voted to ‘stay in’ the EC, Spain’s bond yields hit Euro record highs, saying the markets are not at all convinced that this crisis is over-not by a long shot […]

Actions of a Police State

Dozens of U.S. Park Police officers in riot gear and on horseback converged before dawn Saturday on one of the nation’s last remaining Occupy sites, with police clearing away tents they said were banned under park rules […]

Unemployment Numbers Not as Good As Headlines

Unemployment disaster: 1.2 million driven out of the workforce in a single month […]

Spain, a replay of U.S. financial disaster

Reading about the steps taken to ‘remedy’ the economic/finanical disaster in Spain (all of Europe looks pretty much the same) is like looking at 2008/2009 here in the U.S. all over again!


Merging banks, huge write downs on real estate etc. My issue is why did it take so long to hit Europe? Did […]

What is our country coming to? Housing’s last resort for those who are flat broke.

When we look at the state of our nation closely, the reality betrays a far different situation than the one painted by mainstream media. Homelessness is on the rise. Young families having to move back with mum and dad or grandparents. Unemployment numbers of 20% or more in many places. Cities emptying and halving their […]